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Non-Profit organizations have unique requirements when it comes to tools required to accomplish their goals.

  • Fundraising Campaigns: Managing fundraising is a challenge for all non-profits. Having the correct tools to collect and record donations, communicate with donors past and present, and grow the donor base can make all the difference.
  • Event Management: Most non-profits have events of some kind. Whether a fundraising event, annual dinner, conferences, or training classes the needs are very similar. Online registration, collection of fees, discount codes and reporting are necessary for a successful event.
  • Membership Management: Growing and sustaining membership is key for any non-profit membership organization. Proper communication is essential, which includes having the tools to process renewals and new memberships, and the ability to easily provide members benefits.
  • Constituent Engagement: The ability to engage with your organization’s constituents in a targeted fashion through various means will allow your organization to thrive in all aspects: bigger events, more members, and highly successful fundraising.

WordPress & CiviCRM are integrated tools to allow non-profits to communicate and engage to meet their unique challenges.